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Christian Berner Tech Trade AB

Christian Berner Tech Trade (CBTT) aims to be one of the Nordic region’s leading technology trading companies, a technology and knowledge supplier with cutting-edge expertise.
The Code of Conduct will ensure that CBTT and its partners work together for sustainable development in an ethical, social and environmental manner. We will systematically assess, prevent and manage risks relating to human rights and labour law, health and safety, corporate responsibility and environmental impact.
CBTT wants to encourage the company’s representatives and partners to engage in a dialogue that promotes sustainable development and is open to questions about related progress and dilemmas.

CBTT has established a complaint mechanism for reporting misconduct.
The company’s representatives exemplify CBTT’s Code of Conduct and must comply with it in their day-to-day work. It is extremely important, therefore, that serious and repeated deviations from the Code of Conduct, or misconduct in general, are reported.

Irregularities must be reported in the first instance to your immediate manager. If a complaint cannot be submitted to the immediate manager or other member of the management of the company or the Group, the matter can be pursued through CBTT’s whistleblowing function. Contact details for the whistleblowing function can be found at and on each subsidiary’s website.


Or by mail to:
Christian Berner Tech Trade AB
P.O Box 88
SE-435 22 Mölnlycke

Employees or others who draw attention to serious irregularities in good faith do not risk any retaliation regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

Bo Söderqvist
CEO, Christian Berner Tech Trade