About us

- A responsible business that creates value

Environmental considerations

In its operations, Christian Berner promotes environmentally sustainable development with an environmental awareness throughout the transaction chain, from supplier to customer. Christian Berner represents suppliers who share the company’s basic approach to environmental issues.

Christian Berner supports its customers with environmentally sound solutions through qualified needs analysis, consulting, service and development. The company helps customers in their choice of resource-efficient solutions and products.

Christian Berner offers products and systems that either directly or indirectly improve the environment in many areas, such as clean water for millions of people, silent and vibration- free environments, and new products made from renewable resources. Christian Berner leads the way in these areas through its solutions and products.

Social responsibility

Christian Berner acts with ethical responsibility. The company takes a holistic view, centred around good business ethics, the environment, human rights and the company’s future.

Christian Berner complies with the UN Global Compact, ILO, OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises and the international conventions relevant to the company.

Christian Berner works on the basic principle that all people have equal worth and that there should be fair relationships between individuals and groups. No one should be discriminated against or victimised, and the company strives for diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and social background. Guidelines and procedures for how employees should act in the event of harassment, victimisation or discrimination are documented and communicated.

Christian Berner’s equality work is documented in the company’s equality plan.