About us

Christian Berner Tech Trade has extensive experience in technology trading on the Nordic markets, where the company acts as a strategic partner and adviser to customers and suppliers on the sale of components, systems and services with a high technical content.

A leading player in the Nordic region

Christian Berner is one of the leading technology trading groups in the Nordic region. The company’s biggest market is Sweden, followed by Norway, Finland and Denmark. The company operates from nine sales offices throughout the Nordic region, with five in Sweden, two in Finland and one each in Norway and Denmark.

The market can be divided into products for recurring needs and investment-related products. Christian Berner is active on both these sub-markets in a number of selected niches, where the products have specific properties that are important to customer production processes. Sales of products for recurring needs are characterised by more stable revenue streams and are less sensitive to economic conditions than sales of products of an investment nature which are characterised by long decision-making processes and large order values.

Materials Technology

The Materials Technology business area brings together the operational areas of Christian Berner Tech Trade that focus on the sale of a range of materials, such as plastics and solutions for vibration damping and noise reduction.

Market and customers

Christian Berner’s customers within Materials Technology are primarily in the construction industry, infrastructure, paper industry, energy and basic industries. Customer demand is increasing, partly because of high capacity utilisation, which means greater wear and the need for ongoing maintenance, and partly because of major investment decisions where the company’s materials form part of the investment. An important competitive advantage in this area is quick and easy delivery, which is why Christian Berner keeps large parts of the business area’s products in stock.

Process & Environment

The Process & Environment business area includes Christian Berner Tech Trade’s operational areas that focus on customers with a need primarily for process equipment and turnkey systems.

Market and customers

Christian Berner’s customers in Process & Environment are mainly within the paper industry, the public sector and the process industry. Sales are made both in the context of large investment projects and in repeat business for ongoing maintenance. An important factor for the business area’s profitability and growth is the major investments that the company’s customers decide on and implement.

Offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland


Christian Berner Tech Trade's parent company in the trading business. Christian Berner AB is the Swedish part of the Group with headquarters in Mölnlycke outside Gothenburg.


Christian Berner AS in Oslo and is the second oldest company. In addition to the group's public profile they deliver also to the offshore industry. 


A / S Christian Berner is situated just outside Copenhagen. 


Christian Berner Oy is located in Vantaa, near Helsinki, and just like the other companies, it has evolved to be a local supplier specialized in their region.