About us


Christian Berner Tech Trade will be the leading partner for technical solutions.


Christian Berner Tech Trade develops and helps its clients with the right solution.

Business Concept

Christian Berner Tech Trade supplies technical solutions, products and service to businesses and public sector organisations in the Nordic countries. We make our customers more competitive and simplify their daily lives through qualified needs analysis, consulting, service and development. Our main competitive advantages are our high levels of technical expertise, service and delivery reliability.

Driving forces

Customer-driven trends and driving forces

The underlying growth in Christian Berner’s markets is mainly dependent on growth in the industries in which the company’s customers operate. Christian Berner’s key customer segments are the pulp and paper industry, engineering industry, construction industry, food industry and petrochemicals and refineries.

Among Christian Berner’s customers there are three clear trends that have a positive impact on the company’s business. Firstly, many industrial companies in Northern Europe are focusing more on their core business, which increases the need for close cooperation with suppliers who have a high level of technical knowledge about the customer’s needs and processes.

Secondly, many customers are aiming to streamline their internal service and maintenance departments, which increases demand for external service and support.

Thirdly, industrial companies are generally trying to use fewer suppliers in order to lower administrative costs and shorten lead times, thereby reducing tied-up capital. This means that customers are looking for suppliers who can offer a broad range of products and services and deliver across the entire Nordic region.


Christian Berner has set clear goals for sales growth and shareholder dividends. The company’s strategy for achieving these goals is to work on the following key elements: increased value-added sales, a focus on environmental technology, a clear growth strategy, long-term partnerships with leading suppliers, and strong market positions, a sales organisation with a high level of technical expertise and a decentralized organisation with a strong local presence.

  • Increased value-added sales: Christian Berner sees a clear opportunity to create added value for customers and suppliers by including the company’s knowledge base as part of the offer.
  • Focus on environmental technology: In today’s society, environmental considerations are an integral part of the decision-making process and an increasing number of investments are environmentally driven.
  • Growth strategy: The company’s growth will be achieved partly by growing within new and existing product areas, and partly by broadening the range, for example through enhanced support, training and other aftermarket services.
  • Strong supplier partnerships and market positions: Christian Berner collaborates with suppliers which, through their own product development, provide marketleading, high-quality products with a high technical content.
  • Sales organisation with a high level of technical expertise: The company’s salespeople to have in-depth technical expertise in their respective niches and extensive knowledge of the customers’ production processes.
  • Decentralised organisation: The best business decisions are made in close proximity to the customer by the people who know the customer’s needs and processes best.
  • Acquisition strategy: The acquisitions made must strengthen and advance the company’s position within priority areas by bringing new products and new knowledge and by strengthening Christian Berner’s existing offering to customers

Financial targets

Revenue growth: ≥10 %

EBITA margin: 9 %

Solidity: 35 %

Return on equity: 25 %

Dividend: 30–50%