Annual Report Christian Berner Tech Trade 2017

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People ask us what we do

Christian Berner Tech Trade

We deliver advanced technical equipment, components and materials from leading international manufacturers. This we supplement with consultation, analysis of the customer's technical requirements, development, installation and service.

Through long experience, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in a variety of fields and industries, such as processing, construction and engineering industries. Our customers are industrial and municipal operations. The goal is always to offer the most effective solutions for the entire operation and we are constantly working to be the leading partner for technical solutions.

We improve environments that affect many people

Larger and more affluent population

Globalisation has helped to achieve an increasingly broader distribution of goods and knowledge. At the same time, the world’s population continues its rapid growth, life expectancy is increasing and more people around the world are achieving higher living standards. This leads to increased demand for a range of goods and services and for better technology in an increasingly digitalised world.

Increased urbanisation

The greater environmental awareness of consumers and the need for sustainable development are driving demand for locally produced goods. At the same time, people all over the world are increasingly moving to cities. With more people living in a smaller area, there is a major need for sustainable growth in cities, through solutions for cleaner air, reliable water supply and a properly functioning infrastructure, for example.

Message from the CEO

From Christian Berner Tech Trade - Annual Report 2017

A more professional Christian Berner grows strongly through key acquisitions

Last year can be summarised as yet another eventful year in Christian Berner’s 120 year journey. 2018 has begun in the same way with our important acquisition of Zander & Ingeström AB, which will make Christian Berner an even stronger player. All we do is characterised by the guide words from our brand strategy – Expect more, which means that we want and can do more.

It feels good that we were able to tell about our acquisition of Zander & Ingeström AB at the beginning of 2018, which is the result of hard and focused work in the previous year. We continuously seek stable, well-managed companies that are active in areas of interest, and have good profitability, a strong brand and a good market position. I can confirm that Zander & Ingeström AB are a high-quality company that has all of this. With the acquisition, Christian Berner is taking the next step in the company’s development. Our key performance indicators will be positively impacted at the same time that our offering is supplemented and strengthened through the acquisition. Together, both of the companies become even stronger, which is also good for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. I am looking forward to working together with all of the employees in Zander & Ingeström AB in 2018.

Bo Söderqvist CEO,
Christian Berner Tech Trade